California Active Aging Network

California Active Communities has established 31 California Active Aging Network task forces throughout the state that work to increase the number of Californians over 50-years-old who daily engage in everyday physical activity such as walking.

The Task Forces use the California Active Communities’ active aging program models to implement community-based physical activity programs aimed at improving strength, balance and mobility; maintaining functional fitness; and reducing the risk of chronic disease and falling among older adults.

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Benefits of an Active Lifestyle for Older Adults

Regular physical activity is known to stimulate many physical and mental health benefits for older adults, including diminished risk of death and disability from osteoporosis, falls and fractures, improved functional capacity, and reduced risk for skilled nursing facility placement and hospitalization. In particular, strength-training or resistive exercises halt bone loss, restore muscle mass and strength, improve balance and flexibility, relieve arthritis symptoms, lift depression, aid sleep, help control weight, and improve sense of well being.

California Active Aging Network Project

To promote safe and effective physical activity and improve the quality of life of older adults, California Active Communities provides mini-grants to Area Agencies on Aging and County Public Health Departments to convene California Active Aging Network that:

  • Increase awareness of the benefits of physical activity for older adults.
  • Implement community-based physical activity programs that included strength-training, balance and mobility exercises aimed at maintaining functional fitness and reducing the risk of chronic disease and falling in older adults.

California Active Communities took the successful model that the Marin Association of Senior Strength Trainers developed and disseminated it through a mini-grant program that has resulted in the development of 27 Active Aging Network task forces in California. The Marin task force model forged partnerships between aging, medicine and public health. For more information on the Marin County Task Force model, click here.

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