Walk Kit

HOW TO START A WALKING PROGRAM: A Guide for Local Program Coordinators

This guide is designed to provide local coordinators with the steps needed to create successful walking groups in communities. It provides basic information and resources that can be adapted to any community.

You can use this guide to:

  • Organize walking groups
  • Motivate and train groups and organizations to create walking groups
  • Advocate for safe and accessible walking routes in your community

Walk Kit [Download complete PDF]

Walk Kit contents:

Section 1: Creating a Group

  • Why Walk: The Benefits of Walking
  • First Steps
    • Step 1: Organizing a Walking Group
    • Step 2: Logistics
    • Step 3: Promotion
    • Step 4: Kick-off Walk
    • Step 5: Sustainability
    • Step 6: Evaluation
  • Resources

Section 2: Building Advocacy

  • Action Steps: Beyond the Walk
    • Building Advocacy for Walkable Neighborhoods
    • Conducting a Walkable Community Workshop
    • How to Use Walkability Checklists to Improve Community Walkability
  • How to Promote Walking Groups in Target Populations
    • Case Study: Older Adults
    • Case Study: Children and Walking School Buses
    • Case Study: Underserved Communities
    • Case Study: Rural Areas
    • Case Study: Worksite Walking Clubs
    • Case Study: Access to Healthy Foods
    • Case Study: Pedestrian Advocacy


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