Student Incentives


Incentives help generate student excitement for your Walk to School event. Consider using the Food Donation Letter or Monetary Donation Letter to purchase student prizes. Holding a raffle for student prizes is also a possibility.


Kids love stickers! Give stickers to children who take part in your Walk to School events.  Print these pre-formatted stickers onto sheets of labels you can buy from office supply stores.

Caterpillar Giraffe
caterpillar 5294 sheet closeup of caterpillar 5294 sticker giraffe 5294 sheet closeup of giraffe 5294 sticker
Avery 5294 Close-up Avery 5294 Close-up

Other printing options are available. Click here to choose the sticker design, size, and shape, then decide whether to print them in color or black and white. The margins are pre-set for you and the Avery stock numbers are provided. If you don’t already have them, purchase Avery labels/stickers available at your local office supply store. Some labels come in colors, so if you decide to print in black and white, you may want to print on colored label paper to give it more flare.

Low-cost option: Print smallest stickers with black and white ink on white labels.
Mid-cost option: Print with black and white ink on colored labels.
Higher-cost option: Print larger stickers in full color.

Other Incentives

      Yellow Balloon 2004 Zipper Pull
      Balloons*** Zipper Pulls***

*** For pricing and details on ordering additional balloons and zipper pulls, please contact:
Juneko Whitcher
American Pacific Promotions (916) 550-5005.

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