Year Round Activities

Many schools use Walk to School events to kick-off year-long promotion for walking and biking.  Here are some ideas to keep the momentum going all year long.

Walking School Bus or Bike Train

A Walking School Bus or Bike Train is a group of children led by adult escorts who walk or bike to school together. Starting with the children living farthest from the school, the group will pick up children along the route as it moves. After school, one or more parents will be at the school to lead the group home.  Because of the equipment involved and the potential need to ride on a road, planning and conducting a bicycle train is more involved than having a walking school bus. Most schools start with a Walking School Bus, and build up to organizing a Bike Train.

Weekly Walk and Bike Day

Some schools choose a particular day of the week to promote walking and biking to school.  For example, some school’s have a “Walk and Roll Wednesdays” or “On your Feet Fridays” program.

Walk at School During the School Day

Students can walk around the school track, along a designated walking course set-up on school grounds, or even just around the school site. This can happen before or after school, during recess or lunch, or during physical education or health class.

After-school Walking or Biking Clubs

Starting an after-school walking or biking club is a fun way for students and staff to be active by walking or biking around the schoolyard or in the community.  It can be conducted by individual teachers or volunteers after-school.  The initial meetings of the club should involve teaching pedestrian and bike safety.  For hands-on bike safety instruction, contact the American League of Bicyclists to inquire about having a League Certified Instructor (LCI) come and give a bike safety training to the students.


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