Community Involvement

When planning Walk to School activities, build a coalition of stakeholders from your school, community, and local government. Be ready with specific requests for participants and explain why Walk to School activities are important. Having a diverse group of stakeholders will help you to overcome the barriers you may encounter. The following list is a good place to get started when looking for stakeholders in your community.

From Your School

  • Principal and other administrators
  • Parents or guardians
  • Teachers
  • School nurse
  • School district transportation director
  • School improvement team or site council member
  • School crossing guards

From Your Local Government

  • Mayors
  • City Council Members
  • County Commissioners/Supervisors
  • State Legislators
  • School Board Members
  • Transit Board members

Professionals and Citizens from Your Community

  • City Manager or County Administrative Officer
  • City and/or County Traffic Engineers and Planners
  • State Department of Transportation Planners, Area Engineers, Traffic Safety Specialists
  • Metropolitan Planning Organization Staff
  • Transit Agency Planners
  • Air Quality District officials
  • School Principal and teachers
  • Law enforcement Representatives
  • Health Professionals
  • Fire/EMS Professionals
  • Local safety coalitions (e.g. local MADD Chapter, local Safe Kids Coalition, AAA, etc)
  • Business leaders/organizations (e.g. Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Merchants
  • Assoc., Insurance association/companies)
  • Community Foundations
  • Educators/School officials and PTA representatives
  • Youth groups/Community-service groups/ recreation organizations
  • Local activist groups (e.g. environmental groups, walking or bicycling groups, disabled community activists, transit riders group, etc.)
  • Health care providers
  • Art commissions
  • Senior citizen organizations/agencies
  • College/University officials
  • Students/school children especially for a Safe Routes to School workshop
  • Transit Riders
  • Neighborhood residents from the study area

From Your Local Media Outlets

  • Local Newspaper Reporter
  • Local Television Station Reporter
  • Local Radio Reporter
  • Cable Television Crew to record and replay entire event locally
  • Student Newspapers/Newsletters

Remember, appointed members of any local or regional Boards/Commissions related to Community Planning, Transportation, Education, Parks, Health, etc. are also important participants.

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