Welcome to California’s Walk to School Headquarters!

The California Walk to School Headquarters website has been designed to assist you in initiating and implementing a Walk to Schoolprogram.

A successful Walk to Schoolprogram integrates physical activity, traffic relief, environmental awareness, and safety. It is an opportunity to work closely with your school, your community, and your local government to create a healthy lifestyle for children and a safer, cleaner environment for everyone. Starting a Walk to School program at your school can build momentum for establishing a Safe Routes to School program in your community. Join with other schools across California and around the world to celebrate the benefits of walking to school!

When is Walk to School Day?

  • International Walk to School Month: October 2014
  • Walk to School Week: October 6-10, 2014
  • Walk to School Day: October 8, 2014

Why Walk to School?

  • To increase the safety and number of children walking and bicycling to school.
  • To teach safe walking and bicycling skills to our children.
  • To reduce cars speeding near our schools.
  • To reduce traffic congestion and air pollution near our schools.
  • To promote regular physical activity for our children.
  • To get out and about and enjoy walking in our community.

Planning for your Event

To assist you with planning your Walk to School event, start by visiting the Project Planning section. There you will find downloadable resources and student incentives. Some resources are customizable and offered in various languages.

Register your Event Online

Register your walk to school event on the International Walk to School Day (IWALK) website. By registering your event on-line, you are letting the world know that your community is walking.

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